OpenSolaris Automated Installer Guide
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How to Set Up an Install Client

You can use the installadm create-client command to create specific client configurations and to limit the install services, or to explicitly specify an install service name and image path, that a particular type of client can discover.

In order to create custom client specifications, you need to provide the following information:

  • MAC address for the client.

  • Path of the net image to be used by the automated installer for this client.

  • Name of the install service for the client to use for installation.

  • For x86 clients, you can optionally specify boot properties.

Use the following command to provide custom client settings.

installadm create-client [-b property=value,...] -e macaddr -t imagepath -n svcname

This command has the following options:

  • Use the -e option to specify the MAC address, macaddr , of the client.

  • Use the -t option to specify the path, imagepath, for the net image to be used with the automated installer.

    Note - This net image was created when you set up an install service by using the installadm create-service command.

  • Use the -n option to specify an install service, svcname, for the client to use for installation.

  • For x86 systems only, the -b option may be used to set one or more property values, property=value,..., in the client-specific menu.lst file in /tftpboot. Use this option to set boot properties that are specific to this client. This option can accept multiple property=value pairs.

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