OpenSolaris Automated Installer Guide
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How a Client is Installed

Once you have set up an install server with one or more install services, and you've customized the installation specifications for the install services to suit your needs, you are ready to install the OpenSolaris OS to client systems on the network. You only need to boot the client, and the process runs to completion without further input from you.

The following flowchart illustrates how a client system is installed. The client browses for available install services, seeking a service where the installation criteria in the service's manifest file matches the characteristics of the client system. When a match is found, the installation is performed on the client system, using a boot image and manifest specifications provided by the install service.

Figure 1-1 Client Installation Steps
Graphic illustrates the steps for client installation

For further information, see Chapter 7, How to Manage Client Installations.

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