OpenSolaris 2009.06 Image Packaging System Guide
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pkgrecv(1), Content Retrieval Utility

The pkgrecv command enables the user to retrieve the manifest and contents of a package from a package repository. The contents can be retrieved in a format that enables the user to modify the package and republish it by using the pkgsend command.

The pkgrecv command is complementary to the pkgsend command.

The following options are supported with the pkgrecv command.

Table 5-9 pkgrecv Options

-s repo_url

Specifies the url or address of the server from where you want to receive the package contents.


Keeps the individual package contents compressed.

-d directory

The directory where the package contents should be placed. The default location is the current working directory.


Lists the most recent versions of the packages available at the specified server. The package contents are not downloaded.

Example: List the most recent versions of the packages available at test-server.

# pkgrecv —s http://test-server —n
pkg:/[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T125720Z
pkg:/[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T123955Z
pkg:/[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T125728Z
pkg:/[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T125730Z

Example : Receives the SUNWlibC, SUNWfreetype, and SUNWlibm packages from the test server.

# pkgrecv -s http://test 
[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T125720Z
[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T123955Z
[email protected],5.11-0.79:20080221T125728Z

$ ls -d SUNW*
SUNWfreetype2  SUNWlibC  SUNWlibm

For further information, see the pkgrecv(1) man page.

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