Solaris Volume Manager Administration Guide
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Chapter 24

Monitoring and Error Reporting (Tasks)

Sometimes Solaris Volume Manager encounters a problem, such as being unable to write to a volume due to physical errors at the slice level. When problems occur, Solaris Volume Manager changes the status of the volume so that system administrators can stay informed. However, unless you regularly check the status in the Solaris Volume Manager GUI through the Solaris Management Console, or by running the metastat command, you might not see these status changes promptly.

This chapter provides information about various monitoring tools that are available for Solaris Volume Manager One tool is the Solaris Volume Manager SNMP agent, which is a subagent of the Solstice Enterprise AgentsTM monitoring software. In addition to configuring the this tool to report SNMP traps, you can create a shell script to actively monitor many Solaris Volume Manager functions. This shell script could run as a cron job and be valuable in identifying issues before they become problems.

This is a list of the information in this chapter:

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