Solaris Express Developer Edition Release Notes
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Chapter 1

Solaris Express Developer Edition Issues and Bugs

This chapter describes installation and runtime issues and bugs that are known to be problems in the current release. All of the following issues and bugs apply to the Solaris Operating System. Issues include information that you should know about, including prerequisites, tips, troubleshooting hints, and bugs. Bugs are a subset of issues, which have tracking numbers that are shown in parentheses. For updates on bugs published in these release notes, go to the SunSolveSM web site. For the complete list of issues that apply to the Solaris 10 OS, see the Solaris 10 Release Notes at

Note - This document includes descriptions of specific issues that you might encounter when performing upgrades. In general, problems might potentially occur if you use upgrade methods with Solaris Express releases. These problems might require you to perform an initial installation and reconfiguration of your system.

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