Solaris CIFS Administration Guide
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Configuring the Solaris CIFS Service – Process Overview

This section describes the high-level process for configuring the Solaris CIFS service.

  1. Determine your identity mapping strategy.

    See Creating Your Identity Mapping Strategy.

  2. Configure the Solaris CIFS service as a client to the various services that are used in your environment.

    Your Solaris system might need to be a client of other services that are available in your environment.

    The following list shows these other services and points to information about how to configure your Solaris system as a client of that service.

  3. Determine whether you want the Solaris CIFS service to join an existing Windows domain or a Windows workgroup.

  4. Define one or more CIFS shares.

    See Managing CIFS Shares (Task Map).

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