System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing
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Setting Up Solaris Printing Services (Task Map)



For Instructions

Set up printing services with Solaris Print Manager

To use Solaris Print Manager, there is very little configuration required. However, there are some guidelines and requirements for running the tool. Also, you must also have appropriate privileges to use many of the tool's features.

Determining a Method to Use for Printer Setup and Administration

How to Start Solaris Print Manager

Set up the Internet Printing Protocol.

Setting up the IPP services involves configuring both server and client data:

  • For IPP server-side support, you can customize the listening service by adding directives to the Apache configuration file on the server.

For IPP client-side support, queue configuration data is stored in the printers.conf configuration database. This database contains entries for each configured print queue.

How to Configure IPP Server Data

How to Configure IPP Client Data

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