System Administration Guide: IP Services
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Configuring IKE With Preshared Keys (Task Map)

The following table points to procedures to configure and maintain IKE with preshared keys.



For Instructions

Configure IKE with preshared keys

Creates an IKE policy file and one key to be shared.

How to Configure IKE With Preshared Keys

Refresh preshared keys on a running IKE system

Adds fresh keying material for IKE on communicating systems.

How to Refresh IKE Preshared Keys

Add preshared keys to a running IKE system

Adds a new IKE policy entry and new keying material to a system that is currently enforcing IKE policy.

How to Add an IKE Preshared Key for a New Policy Entry in ipsecinit.conf

Check that preshared keys are identical

Displays the preshared keys on both systems to see that the keys are identical.

How to Verify That IKE Preshared Keys Are Identical

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