System Administration Guide: Network Services
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Task Map for Mail Services

The following table refers you to other task maps that focus on a specific group of procedures.



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Setting up mail services

Use these procedures to set up each component of your mail service. Learn how to set up a mail server, a mail client, a mail host, a mail gateway, and a virtual host. Learn how to use DNS with sendmail.

Setting Up Mail Services (Task Map)

Building a sendmail configuration file

Use this procedure to modify your file. See an example of how to enable domain masquerading.

Building the Configuration File

Setting SMTP to use Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Use this procedure to enable SMTP to have secure connections with TLS.

Setting SMTP to Use TLS

Managing mail delivery with an alternate configuration

Use this procedure to prevent mail delivery problems that can occur if the master daemon is disabled.

Managing Mail Delivery by Using an Alternate Configuration

Administering mail alias files

Use these procedures to provide aliasing on your network. Learn how to manage entries in NIS+ tables. Also, learn how to set up an NIS map, a local mail alias, a keyed map file, and a postmaster alias.

Administering Mail Alias Files (Task Map)

Administering the mail queue

Use these procedures to provide smooth queue processing. Learn how to display and move the mail queue, force mail queue processing, and run a subset of the mail queue. Also, learn how to run the old mail queue.

Administering the Queue Directories (Task Map)

Administering .forward files

Use these procedures to disable .forward files or change the search path of the .forward file. Also, learn how to permit users to use the .forward file by creating and populating /etc/shells.

Administering .forward Files (Task Map)

Troubleshooting procedures and tips for mail services

Use these procedures and tips to resolve problems with your mail service. Learn how to test the mail configuration, check mail aliases, test the sendmail rule sets, verify connections to other systems, and log messages. Also, learn where to look for other mail diagnostic information.

Troubleshooting Procedures and Tips for Mail Services (Task Map)

Resolving error messages

Use the information in this section to resolve some mail-related error messages.

Resolving Error Messages

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