System Administration Guide: Network Services
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Topics for the Solaris 10 Release

The following services or utilities are covered in this book:

Perl 5

The Practical Extraction and Report Language (Perl) is a tool that can be used to generate scripts to assist with system administration tasks.

Chapter 2, Managing Web Cache Servers

NCA provides improved web server performance by caching web pages.

Chapter 3, Time-Related Services

NTP and time-related utilities can be used to synchronize time for many systems.

Chapter 4, Managing Network File Systems (Overview)

NFS is a protocol that provides the ability to access file systems from a remote host.

Chapter 7, SLP (Overview)

SLP is a dynamic service discovery protocol.

Chapter 12, Mail Services (Overview)

Mail services allow for a message to be sent to one or more people while routing the message over whatever networks are necessary.

Chapter 15, Solaris PPP 4.0 (Overview)

PPP is a protocol that provides point-to-point links between remote hosts.

Chapter 24, UUCP (Overview)

UUCP enables hosts to exchange files

Chapter 27, Working With Remote Systems (Overview)

These commands are used to access files on remote systems. The commands include ftp, rlogin and rcp.

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