System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Configuring Additional Kerberos Services (Task Map)

Once the required steps have been completed, the following procedures can be used, when appropriate.



For Instructions

Configure cross-realm authentication.

Enables communications from one realm to another realm.

Configuring Cross-Realm Authentication

Configure Kerberos application servers.

Enables a server to support services such as ftp, telnet, and rsh using Kerberos authentication.

Configuring Kerberos Network Application Servers

Configure Kerberos clients.

Enables a client to use Kerberos services.

Configuring Kerberos Clients

Configure Kerberos NFS server.

Enables a server to share a file system that requires Kerberos authentication.

Configuring Kerberos NFS Servers

Increase security on an application server.

Increases security on an application server by restricting access to authenticated transactions only.

How to Enable Only Kerberized Applications

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