System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Managing Privileges (Task Map)

The following task map points to procedures for viewing privileges, assigning privileges, and running a script that contains privileged commands.



For Instructions

Determine what privileges are in a process

Lists the effective, inheritable, permitted, and limit privilege sets for a process.

How to Determine the Privileges on a Process

Determine what privileges are missing from a process

Lists the privileges that a failed process requires to succeed.

How to Determine Which Privileges a Program Requires

Add privileges to a command

Adds privileges to a command in a rights profile. Users or roles can be assigned the rights profile. The users can then run the command with the assigned privileges in a profile shell.

How to Add Privileges to a Command

Assign privileges to a user

Expands a user's or role's inheritable set of privileges. Use this procedure with caution.

How to Assign Privileges to a User or Role

Restrict a user's privileges

Limits the user's basic set of privileges. Use this procedure with caution.

How to Limit a User's or Role's Privileges

Run a privileged shell script

Adds privilege to a shell script and to the commands in the shell script. Then, runs the script in a profile shell.

How to Run a Shell Script With Privileged Commands

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