System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Administering the Cryptographic Framework (Task Map)

The following task map points to procedures for administering software and hardware providers in the Solaris Cryptographic Framework.



For Instructions

List the providers in the Solaris Cryptographic Framework

Lists the algorithms, libraries, and hardware devices that are available for use in the Solaris Cryptographic Framework.

How to List Available Providers

Add a software provider

Adds a PKCS #11 library or a kernel module to the Solaris Cryptographic Framework. The provider must be signed.

How to Add a Software Provider

Prevent the use of a user-level mechanism

Removes a software mechanism from use. The mechanism can be enabled again.

How to Prevent the Use of a User-Level Mechanism

Temporarily disable mechanisms from a kernel module

Temporarily removes a mechanism from use. Usually used for testing.

How to Prevent the Use of a Kernel Software Provider

Uninstall a provider

Removes a kernel software provider from use.

Example 14-27

List available hardware providers

Shows the attached hardware, shows the mechanisms that the hardware provides, and shows which mechanisms are enabled for use.

How to List Hardware Providers

Disable mechanisms from a hardware provider

Ensures that selected mechanisms on a hardware accelerator are not used.

How to Disable Hardware Provider Mechanisms and Features

Restart or refresh cryptographic services

Ensures that cryptographic services are available.

How to Refresh or Restart All Cryptographic Services

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