System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Notable Differences Between Solaris Kerberos and MIT Kerberos

The Solaris 10 version of the Kerberos service is based on MIT Kerberos version 1.2.1. The following lists the enhancements included in the Solaris 10 release that are not included in the MIT 1.2.1 version:

  • Kerberos support of Solaris remote applications

  • Incremental propagation for the KDC database

  • Client configuration script

  • Localized error messages

  • BSM audit record support

  • Thread safe use of Kerberos using GSS-API

  • Use of the Encryption Framework for cryptography

This version also includes some post MIT 1.2.1 bug fixes. In particular, 1.2.5 btree bug fixes and 1.3 TCP support have been added.

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