Getting Started With OpenSolaris
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Exploring the OpenSolaris Live CD

Each OpenSolaris release provides a Live CD for x86 platforms.

The Live CD boots to a minimal OpenSolaris operating system, with a GNOME desktop environment. The desktop includes the Firefox Web Browser, Thunderbird Mail/Calendar, and other core applications.

The network auto-magic (NWAM) daemon, nwamd, and the GNOME network-manager applet are enabled to automatically manage your network interfaces.

For a general description of the purpose and function of the Live CD, see What Is a Live CD?

To explore OpenSolaris on the Live CD, without affecting the existing operating system that is installed on your system, follow these guidelines:

  • If you have an OpenSolaris Live CD, insert the OpenSolaris Live CD into your system and reboot.

    Note - This procedure assumes that the CD drive is booted before the hard drive in the BIOS boot order. However, if this is not the case, enter the system BIOS by typing the appropriate keystroke combination for your system type, then change the boot order.

  • If you do not have an OpenSolaris Live CD, you can download an ISO image of the current OpenSolaris Live CD.

    You can then burn this image to a CD and boot to it. Or, you can save the image on your system and then run it in a virtual machine. See Virtualization Options.

Live CD Options

The following are the OpenSolaris Live CD options:

  • You can choose another language for the OpenSolaris Live CD. OpenSolaris has language support for more than 40 languages. Input and output support for these additional languages can be activated on the Live CD in the following ways:

    1. Log out of the Live CD desktop.

    2. Use the Option button on the login screen to choose a language.

    3. Log in to the Live CD.

  • If you need to use OpenSolaris accessibility features, use the Magnifer and Screen Reader boot options.

  • If you are prompted to log in to the Live CD, both the user name and password are jack.

  • The root login is not enabled on either the Live CD or on an installed system. The root password for the Live CD is opensolaris.

  • You can install the OpenSolaris release from the Live CD onto your system, which is described in Installing from the Live CD.

    Note - If you proceed to install the OpenSolaris release, you will create a new user during the installation. After the installation, log in as that user, and then become superuser to configure the system.

    Because the root user is a role, you must assume this role by using the su command. Or, you can use the pfexec sh command to run commands in a privileged shell.

Installing from the Live CD

The OpenSolaris Live CD includes an installer that enables you to install the OpenSolaris operating system on your x86 based system.

To start the installer, select the Installer icon on the Live CD desktop.

Using the installer tool on the OpenSolaris Live CD, you have these installation choices:

  • Install OpenSolaris as the only operating system on your system.

  • Install OpenSolaris on a partition that is separate from your existing operating system.

    Note - Be aware that the installation overwrites all software and data on the selected partition.

  • Install OpenSolaris inside a virtual machine.

For complete installation instructions, see Installation Roadmap.

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