Getting Started With OpenSolaris
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Running OpenSolaris in Parallels

If you are installing on a system and are running the Mac OS X and have installed Parallels, use the following procedure to install an OpenSolaris operating system.

How to Install When Using Parallels

Before You Begin

See “Solaris Network Driver Installation” instructions in the Parallels Desktop for Mac User Guide.

  1. During the Parallels pseudo environment setup, set the networking choice to Ethernet bridge.
  2. Using Parallels, boot the Live CD.
  3. Continue the installation of the OpenSolaris operating system.

    For installation instructions, see Installing OpenSolaris 2009.06 From the Live CD.

  4. After installation of the OpenSolaris 2009.06 release, install the network driver.

    For a sample installation that includes instructions for installing the network driver, see OpenSolaris in Parallels VM on Mac OS X.

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