OpenSolaris Managing Boot Environments
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Package Manager GUI

You can manage the boot environments on your system either by using the beadm command or by using the Package Manager.

The Package Manager is a graphical user interface that enables you to install, update, and manage packages on your installed system. If you use the Package Manager to update all the packages on your system, a clone of the active boot environment is created. This clone enables you to, if necessary, boot into the boot environment state that existed before the update process was started.

You can use the Package Manager to manage your boot environments as follows:

  • You can delete old and unused boot environments, in order to make the disk space available.

  • You can change the default boot environment on your system.

  • You can activate a boot environment.

For instructions, see the online help that is available in the Package Manager.

The Package Manager is available on the menu bar on the desktop for both the OpenSolaris Live CD and the installed OpenSolaris operating system. On the desktop menu bar, go to System>Administration>Package Manager. Or, select the Get Software icon on the desktop.

The Package Manager, however, does not provide the full range of options for managing your boot environments that is available by using the beadm command as described in the following sections.

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