OpenSolaris Managing Boot Environments
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Using an Existing Snapshot

A snapshot of a boot environment is not bootable. However, you can create a new boot environment from an existing snapshot. Then you can activate and boot that new boot environment.

How to Create a Boot Environment From an Existing Snapshot

  • Use the following command to create a new boot environment from a snapshot.
    $ beadm create -e [email protected] beName

    Replace the variable, [email protected], with the name of an existing snapshot. As described in the previous task, snapshot names use the format [email protected], where BEname is the name of an existing boot environment, and snapshotdescription is a description of a specific snapshot made from the existing boot environment.

    Replace the variable, BEname, with a custom name for your new boot environment.

    See the following example.

    $ beadm create -e [email protected] BE2

    This command creates a new boot environment, named BE2, from the existing snapshot named [email protected] You can active this boot environment by using the next procedure.

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