OpenSolaris Managing Boot Environments
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Zones Support Limitations

Note the following limitations of support for non-global zones in the beadm utility and in related processes:

  • When you use the pkg image-update command, the command only upgrades ipkg branded zones.

  • The beadm utility is not supported inside a non-global zone.

  • Non-global zone support is limited to ZFS support. Zones are not supported unless they are on ZFS.

  • Zones are not supported in the rpool/ROOT namespace. Non-global zones are cloned or copied only when the original zone is within the shared area for the global zone, for example, within rpool/export or within rpool/zones.

  • Although the beadm utility affects the non-global zones on your system, the beadm utility does not display zones information. Use the zoneadm utility to view changes in the zones in your boot environment. For example, use the zoneadm list command to view a list of all current zones on the system.

    For further information, see the zoneadm(1M) man page.

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