System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing
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Administering Forms (Task Map)



For Instructions

Create a new form definition.

Provide a new form definition by specifying information for nine required printer characteristics.

How to Create a New Printer Form Definition

Limit user access to a form.

Control user access to printers and forms that are available on the network.

How to Limit User Access to a Form

Add a form.

Add the definition of a form to the list of available forms, so that the LP print service can recognize the form.

How to Add a Form

Delete a form.

Remove the definition of a form from the list of available forms that are recognized by the LP print service.

How to Delete a Form

Mount a form.

Use the mount command to notify the LP print service to accept print requests for a form with a specific definition.

How to Unmount and Mount a Form

Set an alert to mount a form.

Set alerts for forms that are mounted to a printer.

How to Set an Alert to Mount a Form

View information about a form.

View form names and other form information by listing the contents of the /etc/lp/forms directory.

How to View Information About a Form

View the current status of a form.

Use the lpforms command to display the current status of a form.

How to View the Current Status of a Form

Limit printer access to a form.

Control what forms printers have access to.

How to Limit Printer Access to a Form

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