System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing
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Getting Started With the OpenSolaris Print Manager

From theMain Menubar on the desktop panel, choose:

System > Administration > Print Manager

The Print Manager application launches, and the Print Manager window opens.

About the Print Manager Window

The Print Manager window is divided into three panes: Queue, Group, and Job.

  • Queue Pane (Top right pane)

    Shows the printers and printer queues in the currently-selected group and their current status. When you launch Print Manager, the Job pane for the default printer queue is displayed. To display the Job pane for another printer queue, select the printer in the Queue pane.

  • Group Pane (Left pane)

    Allows you to organize printers into arbitrary collections, or by criteria, such as name, location, manufacturer and capability.

  • Job Pane (Bottom right pane when a printer queue is selected)

    Shows the status of print jobs in the currently-selected printer queue.

Tip - You can have more than one Print Manager window open at any given time. Having more than one Print Manager window open at the same time can be useful to compare the contents of different groups or to drag and drop (move or copy) printer queues between various windows.

You can open a new Print Manager window in one of the following ways:

  • By choosing New Window from the View menu.

  • By double-clicking a group in the Group pane.

  • By right-clicking in the Group pane, then choosing Open in New Window.

When you close a single Print Manager window, any other open Print Manager windows remain open until you manually close them or quit the Print Manager application.

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