System Administration Guide: Solaris Printing
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Managing Print Jobs

You can manage print jobs in the Job pane of the Print Manager window.

Note - The Job pane is shown only if a single printer queue is selected in the Queue pane. If multiple queues are selected, the Job pane is automatically hidden. The pane reappears when you select a single printer queue again.

The job list for any printer queue can be opened in a separate Job List window. To open a Job List window for a particular printer queue, double-click the printer queue icon.

The Job pane and Job List windows are automatically updated every few seconds. You can also manually update the Job pane and the Job List window by selecting Refresh from the View menu or by clicking the Refresh button on the toolbar.

The Job List window allows you to view a list of print jobs that are currently queued for printing. You can open the Job List window by double-clicking a queue in the Queue Pane or by clicking the panel notification icon when one or more print jobs are processing normally. You can also open the window from the Print Manager window by choosing View > Job List Only.

By default, when the Print Manager window opens, the Job pane for the default printer is shown. To view print jobs for another printer queue, select the printer queue whose jobs you want to view. The Job pane for the printer queue you selected is displayed. To view the job list only, click the Job List Only icon on the toolbar.

How to Delete a Print Job

  1. In the Queue pane, select the printer queue that is processing the print job you want to delete.

    The Job pane for the selected printer queue is displayed.

  2. In the Job pane, select the print job that you want to delete.
  3. From the Edit menu, choose Delete.
    • To delete a print job by using the toolbar, click the Delete button.
    • To delete a print job by using a keyboard shortcut, press Delete.
  4. To delete the print job, click Yes in the confirmation alert that is displayed. To leave the print job in the queue, click No.

    Note - You can only delete your own print jobs or print jobs from printer queues that you own.

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