System Administration Guide: Basic Administration
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Key Points for Adding Software Packages (pkgadd)

Keep the following key points in mind before you install or remove packages on your system:

  • Package naming conventions – Sun packages always begin with the prefix SUNW, as in SUNWaccr, SUNWadmap, and SUNWcsu. Third-party packages usually begin with a prefix that corresponds to the company's stock symbol.

  • What software is already installed – You can use the Solaris installation GUI, Solaris Product Registry prodreg viewer (either GUI or CLI) or the pkginfo command to determine the software that is already installed on a system.

  • How servers and clients share software – Clients might have software that resides partially on a server and partially on the client. In such cases, adding software for the client requires that you add packages to both the server and the client.

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