System Administration Guide: IP Services
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Setting Up DHCP Clients to Receive Information Only (Task Map)

In some networks, you might want the DHCP service to provide only configuration information to clients. Client systems that need information, not leases, can use the DHCP client to issue an INFORM message. The INFORM message asks the DHCP server to send the appropriate configuration information to the client.

You can set up the Solaris DHCP server to support clients that need information only. You need to create an empty network table that corresponds to the network that is hosting the clients. The table must exist so that the DHCP server can respond to clients from that network.

The following task map lists the tasks required to support information-only clients. The task map also includes links to procedures to help you carry out the tasks.



For Instructions

Create an empty network table.

Use DHCP Manager or the pntadm command to create a network table for the information-only clients' network.

Adding DHCP Networks

Create macros to contain information that is needed by clients.

Use DHCP Manager or the dhtadm command to create macros to pass the required information to clients.

Creating DHCP Macros

Have the DHCP client issue an INFORM message.

Use the ifconfig int dhcp inform command to make the DHCP client issue an INFORM message.

DHCP Client Startup

ifconfig Command Options Used With the DHCP Client

ifconfig(1M)man page

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