System Administration Guide: IP Services
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What's New in Solaris IP Filter

This section describes new Solaris IP Filter features in the Solaris release.

For a complete listing of new Solaris features and a description of Solaris releases, see Solaris Express, Developer Edition What’s New

Packet Filter Hooks

Solaris Express, Developer Edition 2/07 Release: Packet filter hooks are now used for packet filtering in the Solaris Operating System. This feature offers the following advantages in system administration:

  • Packet filter hooks simplify the configuration of the Solaris IP filter.

  • Support for filtering packets across zones is now available.

  • Using filter hooks improves the performance of Solaris IP Filter.

For further details about these hooks, see Packet Filter Hooks. For tasks that are associated with packet filter hooks, see Chapter 26, Solaris IP Filter (Tasks).

IPv6 Packet Filtering for Solaris IP Filter

Solaris 10 6/06: For system administrators who have all or part of their network infrastructure configured with IPv6, Solaris IP Filter has been enhanced to include IPv6 packet filtering. IPv6 packet filtering can filter based on the source/destination IPv6 address, pools containing IPv6 addresses, and IPv6 extension headers.

The -6 option has been added to both the ipf command and the ipfstat command to use with IPv6. Although there is no change to the command line interface for the ipmon and ippool commands, these commands also support IPv6. The ipmon command has been enhanced to accommodate the logging of IPv6 packets, and the ippool command supports the inclusion of IPv6 addresses in pools.

For more information see IPv6 for Solaris IP Filter. For tasks associated with IPv6 packet filtering, see Chapter 26, Solaris IP Filter (Tasks).

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