System Administration Guide: IP Services
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Packet Filter Hooks

Beginning with the Solaris Express, Developer Edition 2/07 release, packet filter hooks replace the pfil module to enable Solaris IP filter. In previous Solaris releases, configuration of the pfil module was required as an additional step to set up Solaris IP Filter. This extra configuration requirement increased the risk of errors that would cause Solaris IP Filter to work improperly. The insertion of the pfil STREAMS module between IP and the device driver also caused performance degradation. Lastly, the pfil module could not perform packet interception between zones.

The use of packet filter hooks streamlines the procedure to enable Solaris IP Filter. Through these hooks, Solaris IP Filter uses pre-routing (input) and post-routing (output) filter taps to control packet flow into and out of the Solaris system.

Packet filter hooks eliminate the need for the pfil module. Thus the following components that are associated with the module are also removed.

  • pfil driver

  • pfil daemon

  • svc:/network/pfil SMF service

For tasks associated with enabling Solaris IP Filter, see Chapter 26, Solaris IP Filter (Tasks).

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