System Administration Guide: IP Services
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snoop Extensions for Mobile IP

Mobile IP extensions have been added to the snoop command to identify Mobile IP traffic on the link. See the snoop(1M) man page for more information.

The following example shows the output of snoop that runs on the mobile node, mip-mn2.

Example 29-5 Mobile IP Output From snoop Command
mip-mn2# snoop
Using device /dev/hme (promiscuous mode)
  mip-fa2 ->    ICMP Router advertisement (Lifetime 200s [1]: 
{mip-fa2-80 2147483648}), (Mobility Agent Extension), (Prefix Lengths), 
  mip-mn2 -> mip-fa2   Mobile IP reg rqst 
  mip-fa2 -> mip-mn2   Mobile IP reg reply (OK code 0)

This example shows that the mobile node received one of the periodically sent mobility agent advertisements from the foreign agent, mip-fa2. Then, mip-mn2 sent a registration request to mip-fa2, and in response, received a registration reply. The registration reply indicates that the mobile node successfully registered with its home agent.

The snoop command also supports IPsec extensions. Consequently, you can show how registration and tunnel packets are being protected.

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