System Administration Guide: IP Services
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netstat Extensions for Mobile IP

Mobile IP extensions have been added to the netstat command to identify Mobile IP forwarding routes. Specifically, you can use the netstat command to display a new routing table that is called “Source-Specific.” See the netstat(1M) man page for more information.

The following example shows the output of netstat when you use the -nr flags.

Example 29-4 Mobile IP Output From netstat Command
Routing Table:   IPv4 Source-Specific     
Destination      In If     Source      Gateway Flags  Use  Out If
--------------  ------- ------------ --------- -----  ---- -------      ip.tun1      --  UH      0 hme1
    --          hme1       --      U       0 ip.tun1

The example shows the routes for a foreign agent that uses a reverse tunnel. The first line indicates that the destination IP address and the incoming interface ip.tun1 select hme1 as the interface that forwards the packets. The next line indicates that any packet that originates from interface hme1 and source address must be forwarded to ip.tun1.

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