System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Configuring Audit Files (Task Map)

The following task map points to the procedures for configuring files to customize auditing at your site. Most of the tasks are optional.



For Instructions

Select audit classes, and customize audit_control settings


  • Preselecting system-wide audit classes

  • Specifying the audit directories for each system

  • Setting disk space limits on audit file systems

How to Modify the audit_control File

(Optional) Log audit events in two modes

Enables you to monitor audit events in real time, in addition to storing audit records in binary format.

How to Configure syslog Audit Logs

(Optional) Change audit characteristics for users

Sets user-specific exceptions to the system-wide preselected audit classes.

How to Change a User's Audit Characteristics

(Optional) Add audit classes

Reduces the number of audit records by creating a new audit class to hold events.

How to Add an Audit Class

(Optional) Change event-to-class mappings

Reduces the number of audit records by changing the event-class mapping.

How to Change an Audit Event's Class Membership

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