System Administration Guide: Security Services
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Managing Audit Records (Task Map)

The following task map points to procedures for selecting, analyzing, and managing audit records.



For Instructions

Display the formats of audit records

Shows the kind of information that is collected for an audit event, and the order in which the information is presented.

How to Display Audit Record Formats

Merge audit records

Combines audit files from several machines into one audit trail.

How to Merge Audit Files From the Audit Trail

Select records to examine

Selects particular events for study.

How to Select Audit Events From the Audit Trail

Display audit records

Enables you to view binary audit records.

How to View the Contents of Binary Audit Files

Clean up incorrectly named audit files

Provides an end timestamp to audit files that were inadvertently left open by the auditing service.

How to Clean Up a not_terminated Audit File

Prevent audit trail overflow

Prevents the audit file systems from becoming full.

How to Prevent Audit Trail Overflow

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