Solaris Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide
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The Solaris Trusted Extensions Developer's Guide describes how to use the application programming interfaces (APIs) to write new trusted applications for systems that are configured with the SolarisTM Trusted Extensions software. Readers must be familiar with UNIX® programming and understand security policy concepts.

Note - This Solaris release supports systems that use the SPARC® and x86 families of processor architectures: UltraSPARC® , SPARC64, AMD64, Pentium, and Xeon EM64T. The supported systems appear in the Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility Lists at This document cites any implementation differences between the platform types.

In this document these x86 related terms mean the following:

  • “x86” refers to the larger family of 64-bit and 32-bit x86 compatible products.

  • “x64” points out specific 64-bit information about AMD64 or EM64T systems.

  • “32-bit x86” points out specific 32-bit information about x86 based systems.

For supported systems, see the Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility Lists.

Note that the example programs in this book focus on the APIs being shown and do not perform error checking. Your applications should perform the appropriate error checking.

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