System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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How Zone State Affects Patch and Package Operations

The following table describes what will happen when pkgadd, pkgrm, patchadd, and patchrm commands are used on a system with non-global zones in various states.

Zone State

Effect on Package and Patch Operations


Patch and package tools can be run. No software has been installed yet.


Patch and package tools can be run. During patch or packaging operations, the system moves a zone from the installed state to a new internal state called mounted. After patching has completed, the zone is reverted back to the installed state.

Note that immediately after zoneadm -z zonename install has completed, the zone is also moved to the installed state. A zone in the installed state that has never been booted cannot be patched or run packaging commands. The zone must be booted to the running state at least once. After a zone has been booted at least once, and then moved back to the installed state by using zoneadm halt, then patch and packaging commands can be run.


Patch and package tools can be run.


Patch and package tools can be run.


A zone being installed or removed by zoneadm. Patch and package tools cannot be used. The tools cannot bring the zone into the appropriate state for using the tools.

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