System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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Chapter 19

About Installing, Halting, Cloning, and Uninstalling Non-Global Zones (Overview)

This chapter discusses zone installation on your Solaris system. It also describes the two processes that manage the virtual platform and the application environment, zoneadmd and zsched. Information about halting, rebooting, cloning, and uninstalling zones is also provided.

The following topics are addressed in this chapter:

To clone a non-global zone, install and boot a non-global zone, or to halt or uninstall a non-global zone, see Chapter 20, Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Tasks).

For information about lx branded zone installation, see Chapter 32, About Installing, Booting, Halting, Cloning, and Uninstalling lx Branded Zones (Overview) and Chapter 33, Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling and Cloning lx Branded Zones (Tasks).

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