System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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capped-cpu, Specifying the capped-cpu Resource
capped-cpu resource
capped-cpu Resource
Resource and Property Types
capped-memory, Resource and Property Types
capped-memory resource, Physical Memory Control and the capped-memory Resource
changing resource controls temporarily, Updating Resource Controls
Cloning a Non-Global Zone on the Same System
Cloning an lx Branded Zone on the Same System
cloning a zone
About Cloning Non-Global Zones
Cloning a Non-Global Zone on the Same System
cloning an lx branded zone, Cloning an lx Branded Zone on the Same System
extended accounting, Commands Used With Extended Accounting
fair share scheduler (FSS), Commands Used With FSS
lx branded zones, Commands and Other Interfaces
projects and tasks, Commands Used With Projects and Tasks
resource controls, Commands Used With Resource Controls
zones, Commands Used on a Solaris System With Zones Installed
configurable privileges, lx branded zone, Configurable Privileges in an lx Branded Zone
configurable privileges, zone, Configurable Privileges
configuration, rcapd, rcapd Configuration
configurations, supported on hypervisor, Supported Configurations
configuring branded zones, Planning and Configuring an lx Branded Zone (Task Map)
configuring resource controls, Configuring Resource Controls and Attributes
configuring zones, tasks, Planning and Configuring a Non-Global Zone (Task Map)
control domain, The Sun xVM Hypervisor and the Control Domain
CPU share configuration, CPU Shares Configuration
creating resource pools, Creating Pools Configurations




fair share scheduler (FSS)
Introduction to the Scheduler
Scheduling Class
Scheduling Class in a Zone
and processor sets, FSS and Processor Sets
configuration, Configuring the FSS
project.cpu-shares, Introduction to the Scheduler
share definition, CPU Share Definition
FSS, See fair share scheduler (FSS)


global administrator
How Zones Work
How Non-Global Zones Are Administered
global zone, How Zones Work
guest domain, Solaris, Solaris Guest Domain U


halting a branded zone, Halting a Branded Zone
troubleshooting, Halting a Branded Zone
halting a zone
Halting a Zone
How to Halt a Zone
troubleshooting, Halting a Zone
halting an lx branded zone, How to Halt an lx Branded Zone
hardware, supported on hypervisor, Supported Hardware
HVM, guest, Overview of Full Virtualization
credit scheduler, Sun xVM Hypervisor Scheduler
supported configurations, Supported Configurations
supported hardware, Supported Hardware
hypervisor management, xm, Communication From xVM Hypervisor to Dom0 Using xm
hypervisor virtualization, supported modes, Supported Virtualization Modes
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