System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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Monitoring the FSS

You can use the prstat command described in the prstat(1M) man page to monitor CPU usage by active projects.

You can use the extended accounting data for tasks to obtain per-project statistics on the amount of CPU resources that are consumed over longer periods. See Chapter 4, Extended Accounting (Overview) for more information.

How to Monitor System CPU Usage by Projects

  • To monitor the CPU usage of projects that run on the system, use the prstat command with the -J option.
    % prstat -J

How to Monitor CPU Usage by Projects in Processor Sets

  • To monitor the CPU usage of projects on a list of processor sets, type:
    % prstat -J -C pset-list

    where pset-list is a list of processor set IDs that are separated by commas.

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