System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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Using Rights Profiles in Zone Administration

This section covers tasks associated with using rights profiles in non-global zones.

How to Assign the Zone Management Profile

The Zone Management profile grants the power to manage all of the non-global zones on the system to a user.

You must be the global administrator in the global zone to perform this procedure.

  1. Become superuser, or assume the Primary Administrator role.

    To create the role and assign the role to a user, see Using the Solaris Management Tools With RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.

  2. Create a role that includes the Zone Management rights profile, and assign the role to a user.

Example—Using Profile Shells With Zone Commands

You can execute zone commands in a profile using the pfexec program. The program executes commands with the attributes specified by the user's profiles in the exec_attr database. The program is invoked by the profile shells pfksh, pfcsh, and pfsh.

Use the pfexec program to log in to a zone, for example, my-zone.

machine$ pfexec zlogin my-zone
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