System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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File System Configuration

You can specify a number of mounts to be performed when the virtual platform is set up. File systems that are loopback-mounted into a zone by using the loopback virtual file system (LOFS) file system should be mounted with the nodevices option. For information on the nodevices option, see File Systems and Non-Global Zones.

LOFS lets you create a new virtual file system so that you can access files by using an alternative path name. In a non-global zone, a loopback mount makes the file system hierarchy look as though it is duplicated under the zone's root. In the zone, all files will be accessible with a path name that starts from the zone's root. LOFS mounting preserves the file system name space.

Figure 18-1 Loopback-Mounted File Systems
Illustration shows loopback-mounted file systems.

See the lofs(7S) man page for more information.

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