System Administration Guide: Virtualization Using the Solaris Operating System
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Zone Installation and Administration Concepts

The zoneadm command described in the zoneadm(1M) man page is the primary tool used to install and administer non-global zones. Operations using the zoneadm command must be run from the global zone. The following tasks can be performed using the zoneadm command:

  • Verify a zone

  • Install a zone

  • Change the state of an installed zone to incomplete

  • Boot a zone, which is similar to booting a regular Solaris system

  • Display information about a running zone

  • Halt a zone

  • Reboot a zone

  • Uninstall a zone

  • Relocate a zone from one point on a system to another point on the same system

  • Provision a new zone based on the configuration of an existing zone on the same system

  • Migrate a zone, used with the zonecfg command

For zone installation and verification procedures, see Chapter 20, Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Tasks) and the zoneadm(1M) man page. Also refer to the zoneadm(1M) man page for supported options to the zoneadm list command. For zone configuration procedures, see Chapter 18, Planning and Configuring Non-Global Zones (Tasks) and the zonecfg(1M) man page. Zone states are described in Non-Global Zone State Model.

If you plan to produce Solaris auditing records for zones, read Using Solaris Auditing in Zones before you install non-global zones.

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