OpenSolaris 2009.06 Image Packaging System Guide
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Installing and Managing Packages

The following table provides a list of commands to help you get started with installing and managing IPS packages from the command-line.

For advanced IPS commands and tasks, see Chapter 4, Creating and Managing Images and Chapter 6, Advanced Packaging Tasks.

See Chapter 10, pkg(1) Command Reference and the pkg(1) man pages for a complete list of pkg(1) commands.

Note - The default repository for an OpenSolaris system is

Table 1-1 Basic IPS Commands (Task Map)

Task and Description


Add or update software (packages) to your system

How to Install or Update a Package

Perform a dry-run installation of packages to see the changes that will occur on the system when a package is installed, without actually installing the package

How to Perform a Dry-Run Installation Inside a New Image

Search for a package that is installed on your system or search in a remote repository

How to Search for Packages

Display and modify publisher and repository information

How to Display Publisher Information

Display package information such as package summary, publisher information, license, and copyright information

How to Display Information About a Package

Upgrade your system (updating all packages)

Caution - A new boot environment is created.

How to Update an Image (Update All Installed Packages)

Remove a package

How to Uninstall Packages

View the list of available commands

pkg help

View operation history

How to View the Operation History

Remove operation history

pfexec pkg purge-history

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