OpenSolaris 2009.06 Image Packaging System Guide
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Updating All Packages (Upgrading Your System)

Choose one of the following methods to upgrade all the packages on your system to the latest available version.

Note - Upgrading all packages on your system is equivalent to updating your system. A new boot environment with the latest packages and a clone of the current boot environment are created. For more information, see the section on Introduction to Boot Environments.

  • Package Manager – Click the Update All icon in the Package Manager to update all packages on your system. This constitutes a system upgrade. See the Online Help in the Package Manager to learn more about the Update All process.

  • Update Manager – The Update Manager is a desktop application that enables users to update all installed packages in an image. The Update Manager notifies the user when updates to the installed packages are available.

  • Command Line – Use the following command to update all packages:

    $ pfexec pkg image-update

    See How to Update an Image (Update All Installed Packages) for additional information.

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