Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide
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Numbers and Symbols

$ (dollar sign), Unions
*curlwpsinfo, Built-in Variables
*curpsinfo, Built-in Variables
*curthread, Built-in Variables
$target macro variable, Target Process ID


alloca, alloca()
basename, basename()
bcopy, bcopy()
cleanpath, cleanpath()
copyin, copyin()
copyinstr, copyinstr()
copyinto, copyinto()
data recording, Data Recording Actions
default, Default Action
destructive, Destructive Actions
breakpoint, breakpoint()
chill, chill()
copyout, copyout()
copyoutstr, copyoutstr()
panic, panic()
raise, raise()
stop, stop()
system, system()
dirname, dirname()
exit, exit()
jstack, jstack()
msgsize, msgsize()
mutex_owned, mutex_owned()
mutex_owner, mutex_owner()
mutex_type_adaptive, mutex_type_adaptive()
printa, printa()
printf, printf()
progenyof, progenyof()
rand, rand()
rw_iswriter, rw_iswriter()
rw_write_held, rw_write_held()
special, Special Actions
speculation, speculation()
stack, stack()
and aggregators, stack()
strjoin, strjoin()
strlen, strlen()
trace, trace()
tracemem, tracemem()
ustack, ustack()
adaptive lock probes, Adaptive Lock Probes
aggregations, Use Aggregations
clearing, Clearing Aggregations
drops, Minimizing Drops
normalization, Data Normalization
output, Printing Aggregations
truncating, Truncating aggregations
aggregators, Aggregations
anonymous enabling, Anonymous Enablings
anonymous tracing, Anonymous Enablings
claiming anonymous state, Claiming Anonymous State
example of use, Anonymous Tracing Examples
arg0, Built-in Variables
arg1, Built-in Variables
arg2, Built-in Variables
arg3, Built-in Variables
arg4, Built-in Variables
arg5, Built-in Variables
arg6, Built-in Variables
arg7, Built-in Variables
arg8, Built-in Variables
arg9, Built-in Variables
args[], Built-in Variables
and and pointers, Pointer and Array Relationship
multi-dimensional scalar, Multi-Dimensional Arrays
associative arrays, Associative Arrays
and dynamic variable drops, Associative Arrays
and explicit variable declarations, Associative Arrays
and keys, Associative Arrays
and tuples
Associative Arrays
Associative Arrays
assigned to zero, Associative Arrays
defining, Associative Arrays
differences from normal arrays, Associative Arrays
object types, Associative Arrays
unassigned, Associative Arrays
uses of, Associative Arrays
avg, Aggregations


b_flags Values, bufinfo_t structure
backquote character (`), External Variables
BEGIN probe, BEGIN Probe
binary construction with probes, Adding Probes to an Application
bit-fields, Bit-Fields
breakpoints, Breakpoint Interaction
resizing policy, Buffer Resizing Policy
sizes, Buffer Sizes
buffer policy, on resizing, Buffer Resizing Policy
bufinfo_t structure, bufinfo_t structure
built-in variables
Built-in Variables
Pointers to Structs


C preprocessor, and the D programming language, Use of the C Preprocessor
cacheable predicates, Use Cacheable Predicates
caller, Built-in Variables
clause-local variables, Clause-Local Variables
and probe clause lifetime, Clause-Local Variables
defining, Clause-Local Variables
example of use, Clause-Local Variables
explicit variable declaration, Clause-Local Variables
uses of, Clause-Local Variables
value persistence, Clause-Local Variables
constant definitions, Typedef
constructing a binary, Adding Probes to an Application
contention-event probes
copyin(), copyin() and copyinstr() Subroutines
copyinstr(), copyin() and copyinstr() Subroutines
count, Aggregations
cwd, Built-in Variables
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