System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems
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Specifying ufsdump Command Options and Arguments

This section describes how to specify options and arguments for the ufsdump command. The syntax for the ufsdump command is as follows:

/usr/sbin/ufsdump options arguments filenames

Is a single string of one-letter option names.


Identifies option arguments and might consist of multiple strings. The option letters and their associated arguments must be in the same order.


Identifies the files to back up. These arguments must always come last, each separated by a space.

Default ufsdump Options

If you run the ufsdump command without any options, use this syntax:

# ufsdump filenames

The ufsdump command uses these options and arguments, by default:

ufsdump 9uf /dev/rmt/0 filenames

These options do a level 9 incremental backup to the default tape drive at its preferred density.

For a description of the ufsdump options, see ufsdump(1M).

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