System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems
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Chapter 14

Configuring Solaris iSCSI Targets and Initiators (Tasks)

This chapter describes how to configure Solaris iSCSI targets, available starting in the Solaris Express 8/06 release, and Solaris iSCSI initiators, available starting in theSolaris Express 2/05 release. For information on the procedures associated with configuring iSCSI targets and initiators, see Setting Up Solaris iSCSI Targets and Initiators (Task Map).

For information about Solaris iSCSI initiator features in the Solaris Express 3/06 release, see What's New in Disk Management?

For information about the Solaris iSNS support in the Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08, see Chapter 15, Configuring and Managing the Solaris Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS).

For troubleshooting Solaris iSCSI configuration problems, see Troubleshooting iSCSI Configuration Problems.

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